Monitoring and Evaluation, M&E Boot Camp 2021

February 24, 2021
The first course of CERP Executive Education’s first-ever M&E Bootcamp, Monitoring and Evaluation, took place from 29th March to 1st April, with four days packed with diverse lectures covering everything from the theory of change, impact evaluations, to experimental and quasi-experimental methods, and data collection methodologies touching on sampling, indicator measurement, and ethics. These lectures were offered by an esteemed set of presenters including Adeel Shafqat, Dr. Asad Liaqat, Dr. Zahra Mansoor, Arqam Lodhi, Dr. Minahil Asim, Anam Shoaib, and Wafa Masood Khan. And were supplemented by various interactive group activities, including case studies and idea boards, offering the array of participants, coming from different professional and educational settings, a chance to network and learn from each other. The M&E Bootcamp is set to continue with two more courses; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies (May 25-27, 2021) and Project Management (June 15-16, 2021).