Message from Dr. Adnan Q. Khan, Chief Economist FCDO and Co-Founder CERP

November 15, 2021
It gives me great pleasure to celebrate the wonderful news that Adnan Q. Khan (CERP co-founder and board member) will be Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)’s next Chief Economist and to share this with a wider community. This is not only an incredible honour for any economist, but also a source of immense pride for CERP and all Pakistanis. Adnan spent 15 years in the policy world as a practitioner, a policymaker and an activist, and an additional 10 years in research and teaching. He combines rigorous research with his invaluable experience working in the government to inform his approach to the most pressing policy problems. He has always championed other people’s research as well. Above all, Adnan has incredible humility that makes him accessible and inspiring to young researchers and practitioners. Adnan’s personal and professional journey has uniquely positioned him to provide leadership at a crucial time for the world. FCDO could not have made a better choice and it reflects well on the institution as it tackles economic growth at home and development support abroad. On behalf of all CERP board members, alumni who have worked with and for Adnan, and the entire staff, we wish Adnan, Samia and Rabeal the best as he embarks on a new exciting chapter. — Maroof A. Syed President & CEO CERP Board Members congratulate Dr Adnan Khan on his appointment as Chief Economist at FCDO. Dr Ali Cheema Dr Asim Khwaja Maroof A. Syed Dr Atif Mian Dr Tahir Andrabi