gLocal Evaluation Week: COVID-19 Pandemic’s Economic Burden in Pakistan

June 2, 2021
As part of the gLocal Evaluation Week 2021 under the Global Evaluation Initiative on ‘Sharing Local and Global M&E Knowledge’, CERP hosted a webinar on ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’s Economic Burden in Pakistan’ in collaboration with CLEAR South Asia. The Panellists included Dr. Ali Cheema, Co-founder and Board Member CERP, Associate Professor of Economics, LUMS, Dr. Basit Zafar, Research Fellow CERP, Professor of Economics, University of Michigan, and Dr. Ghazala Mansouri, Research Fellow CERP and Lead Economist, Poverty Reduction and Equity Global Practice World Bank, with moderation by Taimur Shah, Head CERP Labs. The panellists shared insights from their research on the impact of Covid-19 in Pakistan, and discussed the findings showing dire conditions, specifically in terms of income loss and food distribution, highlighting the inequality and vulnerability of the populations studied. They also discussed the various policy takeaways and methodological takeaways from their research including the Economic Vulnerability Assessment. It was stressed that as evident by the findings, the economy and society remains fragile and there are serious dislocations that still need to be addressed, with governments and researchers having unique roles to play.