Foundations of Monitoring & Evaluation for Care Foundation

August 16, 2021
The CERP Executive Education conducted a two-day, in-person (SOP-compliant), customised training, titled “Foundation Course on Monitoring & Evaluation” from July 12-13, 2021 at Daftarkhwan One, Lahore for CARE Foundation Pakistan, a non-profit organisation founded by Seema Aziz that aspires to provide quality education to Pakistan’s underprivileged children. The objective of the training was to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation capabilities on an organisational level for a team of 30 members of CARE Foundation. With a diverse 5-member faculty team from CERP, the training helped develop an understanding of the fundamentals of a Results Based M&E system to aid the CARE team transition from traditional methods of evaluation; equip them with technical skills to create more robust indicators and means of measuring impact, and help build competency in communication and presentation skills. The training also consisted of a detailed deep-dive of the CERP-built data dashboard to: exhibit how data can be analysed, interpreted and presented in different ways to CARE’s internal and external stakeholders; to monitor the quality of education and progress of schools, and to engage in data-driven decision making.