Watch the latest episode of #CERPPodcasts on ‘Challenges to Increasing Public Health Compliance in South Asia’.

Featuring Dr. Kate Vyborny, Ashraful Haque, and Syeda Shahbano Ijaz as they discuss their research experiences around increasing compliance of people with prescribed public health guidelines. A pressing challenge for public health authorities in overcoming Covid-19, given that vaccination rates in South Asia continue to be quite low.


Dr. Kate Vyborny is a Research Fellow CERP, Principal Investigator Mosque/Imam Outreach, and also the Associate Director DevLab at Duke University.

Ashraful Haque is the Country Director of Innovations for Poverty Action, Bangladesh.

Syeda Shahbano Ijaz is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Political Science department at the University of California-San Diego.

Moderator: Lala Rukh Khan (Research Associate, CERP)