Dr. Asim Khwaja Appointed as CID Faculty Director

April 9, 2019
Harvard Kennedy School has appointed Dr. Asim Ijaz Khwaja, co-founder and board member CERP, as a new faculty director of the Center for International Development (CID). The Center for International Development stands at the nexus of understanding development challenges and proposing sustainable solutions to problems of global poverty. As a research hub CID resolves the dilemmas of public policy associated with generating stable, shared, and sustainable prosperity in developing countries. Dr. Khwaja is also a co- faculty director of Evidence for Policy Design (EPOD) for 10 years. EPOD has played a pivotal role in carrying out the Learning and Educational Achievement in Pakistan Schools (LEAPS) study in Pakistan along with offering different executive education programmes at CERP. With his research interests in economic development, finance, education, political economy, public finance, and institutions he has been engaged in varied research projects at CERP. By deploying extensive fieldwork, rigorous empirical analysis, and microeconomic theory Dr. Khwaja has researched on Punjab Economic Opportunities Program (PEOP), Education Financing, State Authority, Punjab Property Tax, Social Compact: Urban Services and Taxes, and Entrepreneurial Finance Lab. He will start his tenure as director of CID on July 1, 2019. You can read the Harvard Kennedy School press release here.