Dr. A. Q. Khan on Winning Stakeholder Management

February 14, 2019
To really enhance the impact that we all strive for through our research projects, analytics and teaching engagements and advisory roles, we not only need technical skills, but also need to exercise leadership in an adaptive environment where we may or may not have authority. The first step towards that requires understanding and managing stakeholder interests and relationships, navigating murky waters within government departments, and negotiating project scope / reach. Keeping this market need in mind, CERP’s Teaching Department hosted a workshop conducted by Dr. Adnan Q. Khan on Winning Stakeholder Management at CERP. The key focus of this workshop was getting access to policy actors and surviving change, getting decisions from policy actors, implementing decisions in government and influencing public policy through evidence generated from our projects. The workshop consisted of an interactive session with Dr. Adnan followed by a group activity, presentations and networking.