CERP and The Urban Unit Collaborate to Explore Future Opportunities for Partnership

March 21, 2023
CERP recently hosted The Urban Unit for a productive session to discuss potential future collaborations initiatives. The session resulted in promising outcomes and insights, demonstrating CERP’s commitment to innovative initiatives and partnerships. During the session, Dr Ammar Malik, a CERP Fellow affiliated with The Urban Institute and AidData, shared valuable insights on urban planning in developing countries. He discussed the negative impact of sudden urbanisation on public services and highlighted strategies to foster creativity and promote economic growth in urban areas, such as investing in public transportation, implementing mixed land-use regulations, and reducing residential segregation. Adeel Shafqat, the Country Director of Precision Development (PxD), presented PxD’s work on agriculture advisory and its impact. He shared the positive outcomes of farmer advisory through Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and highlighted the impact of PxD’s work in the agricultural sector. Dr Asjad Naqvi, a senior economist at The Austrian Institute for Economic Research, also shared his research on climate change during the session. He emphasised the need for a holistic, data-driven approach to understand trends and identify actionable solutions, highlighting the emerging research on climate change in Pakistan and the gaps that need to be addressed. The session provided a valuable platform for exchanging insights and ideas, and CERP looks forward to further collaboration with The Urban Unit to drive positive change in Pakistan.